Short-term export financing solutions

Industry independent we support your business with our attractive short-term financing solutions

For your import needs of commodities, consumables, spare parts, etc. Ferrostaal arranges credit facilities for their customers granted by international banks in co-operation with underwriters and/ or Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) whereby we always act as exporter and the loans granted by the banksiare tied to this specific export. In specific cases we extend payment terms to our customers directly.

Our short-term export financing solutions are for our customers a competitive advantage to increase their business. Learn more about our attractive and flexible payment terms.

  •  Suppliers resp. manufacturers of imported goods chosen independently by our customer or sourced by us;
  • Funding mainly for commodities and inventory (goods and parts, spare parts, etc.);
  • Coverage and coordination of various supplies with multiple providers under a single contract;    
  • Terms of payment up to 180 (for specific goods up to 360) days from shipment date
  • No guarantees are required;
  • Financing up to 100% by Ferrostaal or its subsidiaries or through 1st class banks: New and additional credit lines from abroad that do not affect existing local credit lines
  • Allows for the possibility of negotiating discounts with suppliers since payment is against shipping documents;
  • Currencies  USD,EURO,YEN,CHF
  • ECA covered on a revolving basis.