Long-term export finance solutions

Industry independently we support your business with our attractive long-term financing solutions and as one-stop provider of equipment

For bigger investments Ferrostaal arranges credit facilities for our customers granted by international banks in co-operation with underwriters and/ or Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) whereby we always act as exporter and the loans) granted by the banks are tied to this specific export.

  • Manufacturers of capital goods chosen independently by our customer or sourced by us;
  • Financing to acquire any type or brand of machinery, equipment or other capital goods;
  • Coverage and coordination with multiple equipment producers for your acquisition of various goods and supplies under a single purchase contract;
  • Delivery period depending on the equipment-manufacturer, partial delivery over the total delivery period possible;
  • Long-term tenors of 2 up to 10 (12) years depending on the volume and type of business;
  • Competitive and attractive financing costs, grace usually 6 months;
  • New and additional credit lines from 1st class banks abroad arranged by us which do not affect customer's existing local credit lines;
  • Often collateral/guarantees for the financed capital good are not required, thus broadening the base of collateral available for other financing needs;
  • Possibility to include financing of local costs related to goods imported up to 23% of the total volume;
  • Financing normally available for transactions in the equivalent of at least US$ 2 million; however, we may consider smaller transactions on a case-by-case basis. No maximum transaction amount limits;
  • Currencies USD,EURO,YEN,CHF;
  • ECA covered or private risk insured.